How to become a PromoTix ambassador

(Last Updated 12/29/21) Learn how to become a PromoTix Ambassador to start earning commission and awards for your favorite events. 1. Download the PromoTix Ambassador Mobile App Download the PromoTix Ambassador mobile app to your mobile device: iOS App Store: Google Play Store: 2. Open the app and login Login to the PromoTix Ambassador mobile app using any existing PromoTix account. To sign up for a PromoTix account, tap the "Sign Up" button in the top right. 2. Select an option to get started Select the option that describes you best, and then tap on "Submit." A 👉 Choose this option if you already have an ambassador program in mind that you would like to join. Enter in the program code for that ambassador program in the text field. B 👉 Choose this option if you would like to simply browse ambassador programs in your area. On the next screen, you will be asked to provide your location in order to connect you with ambassador programs in your area. C 👉 Choose this option to go straight to your Dashboard. 3. Explore the App and start earning awards Time to start joining ambassador programs, and earning your awards! A 👉 Once event organizers accept your requests to join an ambassador program, you will be alerted here along with other notifications. B 👉 Access your Dashboard C 👉 Access active, and completed ambassador programs that you have joined D 👉 Discover new ambassador programs to join E 👉 View your earnings, and initiate bank transfers F 👉 Access your account settings G 👉 Tap to logout Still Have Questions? Contact Us

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