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New Features and COVID-19 Protocols on PromoTix

The PromoTix development team has been hard at work updating and adding to our platform to deliver the best experience possible for all event creators.

  • We have massively updated the look of our Ambassador platform to make it even easier for both ambassadors and event creators. Now event creators can track ambassador ticket sales, social posts, and physical flyers all from the same dashboard as their other PromoTix software. 
  • We've added ad tracking via Facebook Pixel, Google AdWords, and AdRoll to help increase your ticket sales through retargeting. 
  • You can now create custom confirmation emails to send attendees.
  • Easily add our ticket checkout flow to your website with embed checkout code.
  • We now offer support for the following currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, and AUD.
  • Events can now be scheduled with timezones from all over the world.

Touch-Less Ticket Scanning and More

We are also adding many COVID-19 features to our application that will be ready for the 2021 event season.

  • Health Departments are requiring COVID-19 Screening for large festivals and venue events for 2021. We will have COVID-19 Screening built into checkin when scanning tickets on PromoTix.
  • This will allow you to safely and securely store proof and record that you complied with health department requirements for your events.
  • Quickly and seamlessly screen when scanning a ticket (No Outside Systems Required).
  • Touch-less Ticketing Kiosks now available for purchase or rent for the 2021 events season to help you stay in compliance with local Health Department Requirements, while also keeping attendees safe and lowering the risk of disease transmission.

All of these features can be accessed through the PromoTix portal where event creators can easily sell tickets, engage with powerful marketing tools, and live stream all from one place. Leverage these features to sell more tickets by signing up for a free account today. 

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Amanda Cosenza
Amanda Cosenza
Amanda is a music festival fanatic with an entrepreneurial spirit. She’s a digital marketing professional specializing in events.

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