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PromoTix Releases Live Streaming Platform: PromoStream



Innovating and Pushing the Industry to New Heights

PromoTix Releases PromoStream, the first ticket service fee-free, all-in-one live-streaming solution. 


U.S. Virgin Islands— PromoTix announced today PromoStream, the world’s first all-in-one ticketing, and live-streaming software solution. PromoStream combines Promotix’s fee-free ticketing platform, with a private, secure live-streaming gateway. This one-of-a-kind platform offers a revolutionized way for event organizers, instructors, and individuals selling tickets to their live content offerings, to do so with less work and a more seamless organizer experience. 


With PromoStream, hosts can start streaming with as little as $19.99 and ticket their event with 0% Ticket Service Fees. They also can take advantage of daily payouts with Stripe. This all-in-one ticket and streaming service is secure and free from intrusions (no zoom bombers!). On top of that, it has an ultra-low latency of just 1 second around the globe.  


PromoTix was created by event organizers and promoters, for event organizers and promoters. PromoTix’s core value and mission statement is to create more memorable experiences for people by helping event organizers throw more successful and profitable events. Amid the pandemic, they wanted to create a platform that not only offers fee-free ticketing, but also safe and secure live-streaming.


“Ticketing companies have become complacent offering a commodity-based technology for incredibly high fees driving up costs for organizers, and prices for consumers. It’s time to eliminate that from the industry.”

 - Will Royall, Founder & CEO, PromoTix


PromoStream will be available starting June 25th, and event organizers can start streaming for as little as $19.99. For more information on PromoStream, visit


For more information or to schedule an interview contact Amanda Cosenza at or at 916-690-7787. 


About PromoTix: PromoTix, Inc. is a U.S. Virgin Islands-based company providing event ticketing, sales, and marketing services.  Our team is diverse, and our members come from the live events space, tech space, investment, and startup communities bringing both experience and industry knowledge to the table.


Amanda Cosenza
Amanda Cosenza
Amanda is a music festival fanatic with an entrepreneurial spirit. She’s a digital marketing professional specializing in events.

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