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5 questions to ask when choosing live streaming software

What to look for when hosting live stream events online

Taking an event online, whether it’s to stream an in-person event to those who can’t attend, or to host a fully virtual event, is no easy task. However, for most organizers looking to grow the reach of their event, it is a critical step. Conviva found in an annual consensus that viewing hours of internet-delivered video across mobile, connected TVs and desktop screens grew by 114% in the first quarter of 2018. With the explosive growth of online video, live events can’t afford to miss out on the increase in ROI live-streaming can bring.

"Viewing hours of internet-delivered video across mobile, connected TVs and desktop screens grew by 114% in the first quarter of 2018..."

Deciding to host online should be a no brainer. The tricky part is deciding what kind of live stream software is best for your event. This is dependent on a few factors including the type of event and what features are important. In order to help facilitate deciding which features are the most important, we have established 5 questions to ask when deciding on a platform to use.


Question #1

What kind of event will you host?

Before choosing the right live stream software it’s important to think about what type of virtual experience you want to create. Will you need to see attendees or will that cause too much distraction?

The biggest difference in the types of platforms out there is the format in which they stream. Depending on the event, a one stream feed may be optimal. If the event is more discussion-based then a conferencing platform may be best.

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Question #2

How private will the event be?

Is the event open to anyone with an internet connection or do you want it to be private? If you want to charge for viewership or event simply collect information on attendees then you will need the event to be gated in some way.

Utilizing a ticketing platform, even if the event is free (you can charge $0 per ticket), will help you collect valuable data that can help future marketing efforts. This will also ensure that your online event is private and secure from intruders. When selecting a live stream software, be sure to check out its privacy and security features if you want your event to be protected.

Question #3

What is your budget?

If you do not have a budget then you may want to look at a free service. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch all offer options for free streaming. However, if you are looking to make money or cast to a private audience it may not be the most effective way.

When streaming on a free platform you can’t collect information about attendees or generate revenue quickly. Most have minimum following requirements in order to start earning. With a platform like PromoTix, you can start hosting ticketed live streams for as little as $20.

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Question #4

What is your bandwidth?

If you are someone that likes to keep things as simple as possible then you will want to investigate the number of features a live stream software offers. Can you charge for tickets and host within the same platform? Or will you have to sign up for a ticketing service and a separate streaming service?

By choosing a live stream software that integrates everything into one seamless interface, you will save valuable time and money. Not having to worry about the logistics of ticketing and distributing access to your virtual event will give you more time to prepare and focus on the content.

Question #5

Who is your audience?

Marketing your event is critical to its success. When choosing a live stream software you will want to consider your target demographics. How tech-savvy are they? Ensure that the platform you select is not too complicated to access. How much is their privacy important to them? As mentioned before, be sure to explore what data privacy and security feature the platform has.

Pro Tip: If you plan to leverage tools like registration pages, an ambassador program, texting, emailing, or other advanced marketing tools then you may want to find a live stream software that has all of those built-in. A platform like PromoTix combines fee-free ticketing, live stream hosting, and powerful marketing tools all in one easy to use the gateway.

Still not sure which live stream software to choose? We have compiled a list of some of the most popular and broken them down by price and features. Download our FREE PDF COMPARISON CHART.

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Amanda Cosenza
Amanda Cosenza
Amanda is a music festival fanatic with an entrepreneurial spirit. She’s a digital marketing professional specializing in events.

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