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Deep Ellum Art Co. Joins The PromoJuice Family!


"The biggest backyard in Deep Ellum"

If you haven't heard of the Deep Ellum area in Dallas Texas, the area is steeped in rich history going back to 1873. This neighborhood is a hotbed for music and the arts, dating all the way back to jazz and blues musicians of the 1920's.

Deep Ellum is now home to more than 30 live music venues, and one of the most well-known and respected places to catch a live show is Deep Ellum Art Company! On September 1st, 2017, owners John and Kari LaRue opened their doors with a mission to dedicate their space to the creative and native. Since then they have become one of the hottest locales in Deep Ellum for Dallas events.

Open 7 days a week, Deep Ellum Art Co. is a family friendly live music venue, bar, art gallery, and "huge backyard." Their indoor space houses their bar and fits up to 500, and outside, you can find their pavilion, outdoor stage, and plenty of space for local food vendors to set up shop.

If you're looking for a quality craft beer, some delicious food, and/or to enjoy some of the best live music the Dallas area has to offer, then check out Deep Ellum Art Co.!

Interested In Joining The Deep Ellum Art Co. Street Team?

Looking to support the venue? Want to earn free tickets to Deep Ellum Art Co. shows by bringing your friends, hanging up posters, and promoting their events on social media? Then consider joining the Art Co. street team! Deep Ellum Art Co. has teamed up with PromoJuice for an all-in-one management solution for their street team.

(Street Team Applications are now closed)

Check out Deep Ellum Art Co.'s website to see all of their upcoming events and learn more.

Sebastian Schulze
Sebastian Schulze
Sebastian is a client success specialist who has overseen the research, planning, and execution of all major product releases at PromoTix, Inc.

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