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How to Make More Money with Less Risk By Teaching Online

The Best Live Stream Software to Start Teaching Online

Online yoga, fitness, cooking, and other classes are nothing new but have certainly gained in popularity. An in-person class allows you to interact more with students by being able to physically correct them or encourage them individually. However, there are limitations that keep you from scaling a physical class.

The studio often has a maximum capacity or if you are in a large room or area then you need powerful audio equipment in order to amplify your voice to the entire class. Along with a physical space also comes costs like lighting, air-conditioning, decorations, and other overhead. It also requires attendees to live in your area or travel to a destination for the class.

“By moving your class online, you break down the barriers that come with traditional in-person teachings. You can reach a larger, wider audience. Students from all over the world can enjoy your teachings.”

Increase Your Class Size, Revenue, & Profit

No Limitations

Stretching woman in outdoor exercise happy doing yoga stretches after running. Beautiful happy sport fitness model outside on summer spring dayWhile in the past, four walls, or more depending on the shape of your studio or venue, limited the number of people that could attend your class, streaming online eliminates all bounds. You could even stream your class from the top of a mountain! Anywhere you can get a stable internet connection you can live stream a class. This could allow you to think outside the box, or room, and host in a beautiful zen garden or at an empty aquarium. The only limitations are your creativity and connectivity.

Less Overhead

In addition, the overhead cost of electricity, building maintenance, and the fancy espresso machine by the reception desk can add to the overall price tag of hosting a class live. With live streaming, all of that disappears. No longer are you limited by the size of the room or bogged down by expensive decorations and lighting.


Charge for Your Classes

PromoStream is a start to finish solution for a ticketed live stream class. There is no need to charge for your class on one platform and stream on another. No need to worry about providing passwords to registrants or checking attendance lists during class. From start to finish, PromoStream makes teaching an online class seamless for you and your students. Students will love it because they pay no ticket-service fees. You will love it because it will grow your class attendance, and grow your wallet.

Setting Up Your First Class

Unsure how to get started? Download our ultimate guide to live-streaming. This has everything you need to know about setting up your first class.

Get The Guide

Amanda Cosenza
Amanda Cosenza
Amanda is a music festival fanatic with an entrepreneurial spirit. She’s a digital marketing professional specializing in events. Prior to PromoTix, Amanda owned a marketing and sponsorship agency called Festivate, working with well known brands and creating activations for EDC, Envision Festival, Backwoods Music Festival, and many more.

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