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Increase Your Ticket Sales 10-15% With This One Simple Strategy (PDF)

How can I sell more tickets for my upcoming events?

This is the one question every promoter and event organizer asks themselves constantly. If you're in the industry of booking talent, producing, and marketing events, then ticket sales are most likely the lifeblood of your business. Even if you are a promoter that turns a profit only after attendees walk through the door (for example, alcohol sales), the statement still holds true. Think about it: in order to throw a successful party, you need to have people walk through that door - and in order for people to show up, you need to sell tickets!

Warning: about to get deep...

Think about all of the technological advancements that have been made in the last few decades - mind blowing, isn't it? Nowadays, dependency on technology and internet is almost right up there with food and water. All politics aside, here is one thing we can all agree on: whether we like it or not, technology is always improving and evolving. We are constantly looking forward for our answers, and we very rarely look backwardsBut what if... we had to look backwards, in order to find the answer we were looking for?

Watch this video to see how you can sell 10-15% more tickets with PromoJuice

Ticket Sales Product Demo

The one strategy no one is talking about.

The reason why seriously no one is talking about this ticket selling strategy, is because it's been largely phased out due to recent advances with technology. "Out with the old, and in with the new" is of course how the saying goes - and once people adopt a new practice... they very rarely look back. 

I'm sure you're dying to know what I'm referring to, so here it is... hard copy ticket sales. That's right! Those lovable, rectangular pieces of durable paper, distributed, and sold on the street by street team ambassadors. Nowadays, more and more promoters are abandoning hard copies and switching to 100% digital alternatives, such as affiliate links and promo codes. The reason why, is because is because selling hard copy tickets has always been associated with big risks: managing property, handling cash and entrusting your team members can often lead to painful losses.


So why should you still care?

Here's a simple fact: selling tickets in-person, face-to-face with customers is the #1 way to close a deal! This is where the "traditional" method of selling hard copy tickets gets it right (and where the "new age" tactic of deferring customers online to buy tickets gets it very, very wrong). While digital links and promo codes both come with their fair share of perks, nothing beats having your very own team of salespeople out there on the street closing deals for you.

Until recently, there has never been a way for your street team members to accept cash from customers without dealing in risky hard copy ticket sales. That is, until PromoJuice.

(Oh, and by the way... we have affiliate links too. And we accept credit card. We have it all!)

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Sebastian Schulze
Sebastian Schulze
Sebastian is a client success specialist who has overseen the research, planning, and execution of all major product releases at PromoTix, Inc. Sebastian ensures a seamless onboarding experience for users, and provides our clients with the tools and support needed to achieve their goals.

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