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Kick off your Summer in the Park!

Groove Productions presents Summer in the Park 2021 - three different socially distanced one-night festivals at Harmony Park! On June 26, July 10, and/or July 24th you and your friends can kick off your summer right in the beautiful Harmony Park Music Garden located in Clarks Grove, Minnesota. 

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Festivals have finally opened back up just in time for summer, so enjoy these one-night festivals with some amazing artists alongside your friends and family! Groove Productions has been putting on socially distanced festivals for the past few months so it is safe to say they are pros! Tickets are even limited to 749 people per festival night, so you can enjoy your experience while also remaining safe and healthy! 

The talent includes, but is not limited to, Kyle Hollingsworth Band, Desert Dwellers, Melvin Seals & JGB, and more! Do you consider yourself an EDM fan who wants to kick off their summer right? What are you waiting for? Grab your tickets here, through PromoTix, and get back into the swing of music festivals. 

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Don't miss out! Purchase tickets using the link below.

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Danielle Deojay
Danielle Deojay
Danielle is the Executive Assistant to the leadership team here at PromoTix. She has Bachelor's in Marketing and is pursuing a Master's in HR Management.

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