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Need to Relax? ReJuvenation Retreat Is For You... 🏝

"Pause for a weekend in nature, bonding and exploring ways to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul."

Are the stresses of daily life getting you down? Need a weekend to simply relax, enjoy the company of good friends, and decompress? The good people over at ReKinection specialize in bringing you these types of experiences, and next month, they're teaming up with Yoga Evangelist to bring you three days and two nights of pure relaxation.

Taking place at the Wildwood Outdoor Education Center in Kansas, you can look forward to a full weekend of yoga, sound healing, meditation, campfire songs, holistic wellness, visual art, healthy food, and a whole lot more!

ReJuvenation Retreat is taking place September 27th, so if you're in the Kansas City area, mark your calendars and get ready for a weekend of good vibes. Tickets can be found on ReKinection's website for only $128 per person, and if the camping thing is not for you, you can upgrade to a cabin for only $35 more!

But wait... YOU can go to ReJuvenation Retreat 2019 for FREE.

That's right, want to go to ReJuvenation Retreat 2019 for free? Well we have the opportunity for you: ReKinection is offering free entry, plus a free poster exclusively for PromoJuice street team members! If you want to show the organizers some love and help make this the best event it can be, head on over to their Facebook group and join their street team now!

(Street Team Registration for 2019 is now closed)

We'll see you at ReJuvenation Retreat 2019 🏝

Sebastian Schulze
Sebastian Schulze
Sebastian is a client success specialist who has overseen the research, planning, and execution of all major product releases at PromoTix, Inc. Sebastian ensures a seamless onboarding experience for users, and provides our clients with the tools and support needed to achieve their goals.

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