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Ways to Sell Tickets Online

There are several different ways to sell tickets online. You can choose to sell your tickets through a mobile app, or you can embed a checkout onto your own website. If your event is popular, consider hiring influencers to help promote your event. Influencers have large audiences and lots of followers. They can help promote your event on their own, and they can also help you sell merchandise and add-ons alongside your tickets. All of these options can help you increase the amount of ticket sales.

Sell tickets in a mobile app

One of the best ways to drive ticket sales is through your own event branded mobile app. Mobile devices are responsible for 96 percent of all tickets purchased on PromoTix, so having your own branded mobile app only makes sense if you're looking to drive more sales. Moreover, people are four times more likely to purchase a product from a brand they have a personalized experience with, than from a competitor. By using a branded mobile app to your advantage, you can track users and target your ads, and use push notifications to your advantage for on-sales and promotions. This method will boost your sales.

When you use a mobile app to sell tickets, you can choose the price that you want to charge and the delivery method just like your other online sales. Some ticket platforms like PromoTix offer different payment methods such as Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Klarna. However, most don't have the ability to launch your own mobile app the way PromoTix does.

Embed checkout on your own website

If you've always wanted to sell tickets on your own site rather than the ticketing company's, you'll be interested in the options of embedding checkout on your own website. It's a great way to keep users engaged on your site, increase sales, and still utilize your ticketing company's software. But before you go all out, you'll need a few basic tools including a platform like PromoTix that offers embedded checkout. The following are some of the most important things to know about embedding checkout on your own website.

Embedded checkout on your own website is a great option for events that don't have a physical box office and only do online sales. All you need to embed the widget on your website is HTML access and a copy and paste HTML code. You can also use this feature to manage the widgets for multiple websites and embed your checkout in multiple places as well. 

PromoTix has a wide variety of third-party integration options. You can integrate the platform with your website and allow users to buy tickets directly from it. With PromoTix, there's virtually no limit on how many third-party websites you can place your tickets for sale on with an embedded checkout. The more options you have for selling tickets, the better. PromoTix is responsible for any ticket sales that take place on third-party sites, so the more options you have, the more sales you'll make.

Sell tickets to live streams online

When you want to sell tickets for live streams online, you have to go about it the right way. While a simple post may be enough to get your message out there, the actual sales are going to be the ones that show up. This is why it is important to do a bit of research into your competitors. In addition to analyzing your prices and their offers, you should also find out what they're charging for these tickets. Online events are usually much cheaper than in person events. In this day and age, an appealing price is what leads are looking for.

If you're looking to sell tickets for live streams, you'll have to consider whether you want to secure the event with ticketing, or just send out a link to those who buy tickets. You can use webcams to broadcast your content, and you can sell tickets to a Zoom meeting or other platform if you wish like Twitch, YouTube or Facebook. For a more professional stream, you can use OBS or another free streaming software to set up your stream production, mix cameras, and graphics.

Once you've made your live stream event page, you can start selling tickets for live streams online with PromoTix. If you go with a secured stream, PromoTix will create a ticket check-in page where users have to have a valid ticket to view the stream, securing your event. The link will be sent to any fans who buy a ticket, and that ticket can't be shared with others. You can also use PromoTix's embed feature to sell tickets on your website. This will allow you to sell tickets without customers leaving your domain. It's important to remember that live streams are difficult to secure if you're doing it on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Zoom, and you must use sales platforms that will increase your chances of a successful event. Here's a great article on how to sell tickets to your live stream events.

Sell merchandise and add ons alongside tickets for extra revenue

If you're running an event business, chances are you have merchandise. Selling merchandise and add ons alongside tickets can increase your revenue. Unlike a traditional ticket sales model, which requires patrons to buy tickets first, selling merchandise and add ons can be managed on the same website using PromoTix during checkout. These sales can be completed using the same checkout process as the tickets. Listed below is the recommended way you can sell tickets and add ons online together.

One way to sell merchandise and add ons alongside tickets is to offer them separately from the tickets themselves. This way, you can keep track of all the additional items sold at the event and avoid double counting tickets. Doing it this way each merchandise item will also have its own barcode which can be redeemed at the event and validated for pickup. You can even provide a mobile app that lets customers check out their purchases and redeem prepaid items at the event itself. In addition, you'll have a separate inventory for tickets and the extra items, which makes reconciliation simpler.

Sell reserved seat tickets online

Sell reserved seat tickets online for your next event using PromoTix. The platform is perfect for a variety of events, from concert halls and sports stadiums to smaller events like gala dinners and concert halls. It gives you the flexibility to set prices and offer more creative marketing offers. Here's a look at some of the main benefits of using PromoTix:

Using a Graphic Map is the most effective way to sell reserved seats online. You can view the seats that are available for a specific event on a map, so that potential buyers can quickly compare prices. Also, you can view all available seats for a specific performance. And, since the tickets are reserved, you'll know what seats are left to sell. You can even mark the ones that are still available for other performances and showtimes, create handicap seating, or block seats that are unavailable.

In addition to offering more options, the ticketing tool also allows you to mark certain sections as 'hold' for your event. This way, you can save seats for artists or other guests and release them for sale if they are no longer needed at a later date. You can also keep track of how much you've sold and how many you're holding. This way, you can maximize your revenue and profits.

Add your own ticket service fee

Adding your own ticket service fee is a common practice in the ticketing industry, but many people question whether it's fair. These fees are often very high, and they seem rather nonsensical to some.  But how much do ticket service fees really add up to? A ticketing industry workshop held by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the panel discussed whether or not they were fair and reasonable.

In a report from the Government Accountability Office, a ticket company charged an average of 27 percent of a ticket's price for service fees. Yikes! Some of these fees weren't disclosed until after the ticket buyer had paid for their tickets. Other websites did not make their fees transparent until after the transaction was complete. It's better to make this clear and avoid letting your customers be surprised by unexpected fees.

Ticket fees aren't limited to big-name events. Even museums charge an additional dollar or two for online tickets. Higher-profile events, such as pop concerts, have higher fees. In the U.S., the average fee for a concert or sporting event is about twenty percent of the face value. If you add your own ticket service fee to the cost of selling tickets online, you could make a lot of extra money.

The best part about PromoTix is that it has LOW ticket service fees. Usually between 1.75 - 3% depending upon your package, so if you choose to add your own service fee on top of that, and keep the extra money, you could make more than the face value of your ticket and still be under the national average ticket service fee - giving your customers a win too with lower fees.

Will Royall
Will Royall
Will Royall is the CEO and Founder of PromoTix.

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