Saxe Coulson

Saxe Coulson

Saxe is a house and techno music enthusiast but also likes funk, jazz, underground hip-hop, reggae, and everything in between. His first festival was Starscape in Baltimore in 2008 and he has been to nearly 100 festivals since then. His Rolodex includes a who's who of the event and music industry with a vast range of knowledge covering everything from marketing, talent buying, and PR to sponsorship and festival planning.

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10 Categories of Workshops for Festivals

FEATURED PHOTO BY Geert pieters   There are a wide variety of workshops that can be found at festivals. Some are a bit more common and others can be a bit more creative and unique. It can all depend on where the festival is located and the type of audience the festival attracts. It can also depend on the type of festival and whether it is a music festival, food festival, art festival, cultural festival, or film festival, or all of the above.

10 types of visual performers and dancers for music festivals

Photo by Jonny Clow on Unsplash Although many might assume when one is talking about a festival, they mean a music festival, but the very word “festival” constitutes any type of celebration, and this is usually designated as a cultural or religious one. Therefore, music festivals have certainly become cultural, and sometimes they can even mimic religious festivities.

The methodology behind planning festival pre-parties

Featured photo by Zachary Smith on Unsplash Why plan festival pre-parties? The majority of festivals only take place once a year and in a single location. However, those attending festivals travel all over the country and the world. Pre-parties can be an excellent way to build up anticipation before the big event, get further exposure for your brand, and nurture relationships with promoters.

5 things to consider when budgeting talent for music festivals

Cover photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash  

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