How to resend confirmation emails

(Last Updated 6/11/21)

How to edit order details

(Last Updated 6/11/21)

How to use PromoTix with Google Analytics

(Last Updated 6/17/21) Right on your PromoTix event dashboard, you can track page views and your sales information broken down into different sales channels (online, point-of-sale, mobile apps, etc.). However, if you would like additional levels of tracking, Google Analytics is an excellent option and can be integrated easily with PromoTix. For example, if you are running several ads and you would like to track the performance of each ad, Google Analytics can help. NOTE: PromoTix currently only supports Universal Analytics. Google Analytics 4 is not supported at this time.

How to sell tickets using the point-of-sale system

(Last Updated 4/26/21) Need to sell tickets on-site during your event? Accepting payment outside of PromoTix and need to issue tickets to attendees? This guide will teach you how to use PromoTix's built-in point-of-sale system. PromoTix's point-of-sale system is available on the web, and on the PromoTix Organizer mobile app. See below for both sets of instructions.

How to connect your Stripe account to PromoTix

(Last Updated 4/24/21) Currently PromoTix exclusively integrates with Stripe for credit card processing. For the latest information on Stripe's platform, payout schedules, and associated fees, please visit their website here.

How to Setup Your Organizer Profile Page

(Last Updated 3/24/21)

How to Embed PromoTix Checkout Windows on Your Website

(Last Updated 3/8/21) Did you know that you can embed the checkout windows for your PromoTix events directly on your website? This guide will show you how. 

How to Create an Unsecured Streaming Event

(Last Updated 3/8/21) In addition to using PromoTix's secured built-in live streaming software PromoStream, you can also sell tickets to a virtual event using a third party streaming service. This guide will teach you how. IMPORTANT: When using a third party streaming service, your stream may be unsecured, meaning attendees may be able to access your stream without purchasing a ticket on PromoTix. Keep this in mind and review your streaming platform's security measures before proceeding below. If you would like to create a PromoTix secured virtual event, click here. If you would like to create an in-person event, click here.

How to create social post templates for Your ambassadors

(Last Updated 3/8/21) This guide will teach you how to create social media templates for your ambassadors on PromoTix to share and promote your events.

How to View Performer Insights

(Last Updated 1/31/21) With Performer Insights, you can collect data on music acts your attendees are engaging with, helping you make better booking decisions for your upcoming events. This guide will teach you how to use Performer Insights.

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